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I am applying for membership with Christian Professionals of Atlanta. Total one-time non-refundable initiation fee plus monthly (cancel at any time after the initial loyalty period).

The above Fees are subject to applicable taxes and the initiation fee may be less than the organization's standard required initiation Fee if a special promotion has been applied. Refer to any attached promissory note or addendum for additional payments or conditions applicable to this membership.  membership Dues are subject to increases and applicable taxes. Memberships are non transferable and are subject to the organization's standard resignation policies, including any required notice period, except as modified by any attached promissory note or addendum or applicable deed restrictions. 

Loyalty Period: If accepted into membership, I agree to maintain my membership for at least twelve (12) consecutive months from the date of acceptance into membership (the “Loyalty Period”). If I resign or fail to keep my membership in good standing for at least twelve (12) consecutive months, then I will forfeit any refund. 

membership benefits

Members will receive a discount on all monthly networking events, and be provided access to certain in-person members-only events, socials, and volunteer opportunities. 

payment of membership

If accepted into membership, I will pay my membership account in full when due, including any processing fees.

As a condition of acceptance into membership, I agree to complete payment (via credit/debit card authorization agreement or a zelle transfer) within 7 days of such acceptance. In the event I fail to do so, my membership benefits will be paused. If I fail to complete such authorization agreement within 30 days, my membership will be terminated.  My membership will also be subject to any additional suspension or termination provisions set forth in the Membership Documents, as defined herein. A membership terminated for nonpayment may be reinstated at the sole discretion of the organization's owners, and upon such terms as the organization may determine. Credit card payments may be subject to an additional fee, as stated in the credit card/debit card authorization agreement. Any delay by the organization in enforcing its rights and remedies herein does not constitute a waiver of any such rights and remedies. These payment terms control in the event of any conflict with any other terms or membership policies to the contrary. 

have you ever been convicted of a sexual offense or required to register as a sex offender?

By submitting this application, I certify that I have never been convicted of a sexual offense or required to register as a sex offender. 

membership policies

If accepted into membership at christian professionals of atlanta, this Candidate Application, any promissory note or addendum hereto, the Membership Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations, as each may be amended from time to time (collectively, the “Membership Documents”), will be my entire contract with the organization. The terms and conditions of my contract may not be added to, amended or contradicted in any way by evidence of prior, contemporaneous or subsequent oral agreements of any kind, and I am not relying on any representations or promises made, at any time, other than as expressly set forth herein. If accepted into membership, I agree to conform to and be bound by the Membership Documents, which set forth the organization's policies, including, but not limited to, provisions addressing the resolution of disputes (including arbitration and a class action waiver), resignation, disciplinary action and a release of liability for personal injury and theft. 

I assume all risks associated with attending networking events, volunteering events, exclusive dinners, and any other event that christian professionals of atlanta hosts or participates in.  I also hereby fully release and discharge Christian Professionals of Atlanta, its parent, affiliated and successor companies, and all of their respective employees, agents, shareholders, members, managers, affiliates and assigns (The "Released Parties") from any and all liabilities, injuries, losses, damages or claims arising from my attendance of these events, including any such claims caused by the released party's own negligence. Christian Professionals of Atlanta may redeem my membership, which is a revocable license to access certain events, at any time for any reason or for no reason by repaying me the membership Fee (without interest or premium of any kind), if any, that I originally paid. Upon such redemption, all my rights to be a member will immediately cease, and I shall automatically release and discharge the released parties from any and all liabilities, injuries, losses, damages or claims associated with my membership and the redemption thereof.  

By providing my contact information above, I agree to give christian professionals of atlanta permission to contact me.  I can modify my communication preferences by contacting them in writing to their e-mail address on record.  Events I attend may be photographed or recorded for marketing or promotional purposes, and I give christian professionals of atlanta a nonexclusive license to use my photograph and likeness in any and all media to promote the organization without any compensation to me.  I further certify that I have the authority to and do hereby sign and agree to these Membership Policies.  By submitting this Candidate Application, I represent and affirm that the information provided herein is true and correct. If signing electronically, I agree that my electronic signature has the full force and effect of a signature affixed by hand to a paper document. 

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credit card / debit card authorization agreement

By providing the credit or debit card information below, I represent that I am the cardholder with authority to authorize the transactions contemplated herein. I hereby authorize christian professionals of atalnta to charge to the credit or debit card provided below the following amounts:

A one-time payment of the application fee and/or Initiation Payment set forth on my Candidate Application submitted to the Club.  I understand that if the foregoing amount is rejected by my credit card company or bank, my Candidate Application will not be processed and I will not have membership privileges. 

I acknowledge that christian professionals of atlanta outsources processing for credit card payments to a third party vendor, who applies a credit card fee, not to exceed 3.6%, which I agree to pay. This fee goes directly to the vendor.  Unless revoked, this authorization will automatically renew and extend to the payment obligations for each subsequent year, regardless of any customary dues increases, changes in fees or changes in membership category or classification. I understand if any amounts are rejected by my credit card company or bank, I may be subject to penalties or late charges imposed by christian professionals of atlanta. 

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If your application is approved, you will receive a copy of your submitted application form and receipt for payment within seven business days.  

candidate information

The recurring payment of my monthly membership dues as they become due, which will consist of (a) recurring membership dues, (b) late fees and charges payable in accordance with the Club’s Rules and Regulations, Membership Bylaws and billing policies, and (c) and any other charges or processing fees payable by virtue of my membership at the Club.

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